PMP Mail Archive: PMP> prtAlertTime

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> prtAlertTime

PMP> prtAlertTime

Bob Pentecost (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 11:02:59 -0600

I have two items. The first is the need for clarification and the second is
an editorial matter.

When the object prtAlertTime was changed to a mandatory object, there was
some discussion as to the value that would be returned if the device was
unable to report the time. It was agreed that there was a way to report
"Unknown" but no one knew the value. What is the value and should that be
added to the MIB? (Note: Please don't restart the discussion about whether
or not the device should know the time.)

On page 56:
prtAlertTime (Optional) the value of sysUpTime at
the time of the removal of the binary
change event from the alert table.
Since this is no longer an optional object, "(Optional)" should be removed.