PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Discussion items for 4/22 Conference call

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Discussion items for 4/22 Conference call

Re: PMP> Discussion items for 4/22 Conference call

JK Martin (
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 18:32:10 -0400 (EDT)


Excellent job on resolving your action items. I agree with almost
everything you've stated in your message, with a few small exceptions:

> 1. Clarification of Unary and Binary event management.
> [...]
> b) In the list of rules after paragraph 5 of section, first
> rule refers to "simple" alerts. I believe this reference should be
> changed to "unary".

Actually, there are at least 5 references to "simple" in that section
of the MIB (as documented in my last posting on this subject). Hopefully
Randy can change all of them at once to "unary" for the next draft.

> 4. Clarification of what should cause prtGeneralConfigChanges to
> be incremented.
> a) In the first sentence of the prtGeneralConfigChanges description,
> replace "media size" with "any media attributes".

Further in your text you consistently use this phrase:

"...that results in a change to..."

I sincerely hope that a *real* change must be effected within the
SNMP agent in these circumstances. Right?

That is, the Lexmark printers we test have the characteristic of
adding quite a few "prtInputMedia" alerts when a tray is pulled out,
and then quite a few more when the tray is put back in...even when
no change in any media-related attributes has occurred.

Does your new wording then imply that if the SNMP agent can not detect
any changes in such media-related attributes, that the agent should NOT
increment prtGeneralConfigChanges?

In even simpler words, just because the tray is pulled, the SNMP agent
should not announce "Media Size/Weight/Form/Name" has Changed!" in the
Alert Table. Ditto for when the tray is restored. Right?

As we discussed at the interop testing last February, this particular
issue has been a serious sore point as we try to deal with the various
implementations of the Printer MIB in some vendors' network printers.
Hopefully we can all come to a clean and consistent resolution here.

Again, very nice work, Matt.


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