PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> What constitutes a config change

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> What constitutes a config change

Re: PMP> What constitutes a config change

Harry Lewis (
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 11:27:57 -0400

Epilogue: Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

I apologize to Matt and the PWG if I missed some earlier discussion on this
topic (SO MUCH flashes by in the PWG!!).

>I think Matt King pretty much said it all when he suggested that a
>"configuration change" involves a change in any "attribute" in the

I think I support Jay's paraphrasing

> "If the MIB object is not a counter nor a status object,
> then it must be an attribute, and as such, any change to
> an associated variable value constitutes a change in the
> configuration."

except that I would also define a GAUGE and exclude it from the config
changes. I think this is the spirit of the current definition which
excludes things like input tray current capacity changes.

I don't know if it's better to have a "base philosophy" statement
(as Jay calls it) or an agreed to list like I initiated:

>Paper (Input) Size
>Output Size
>Input Capacity
>Output Capacity
>Total Number of Input Trays
>Total Number of Output Bins
>Defaults (Input, Output, Marker, Media Path)
>Media Path Size (only likely on highly sophisticated printers)
>Total Number Of Interpreters
>Total Number of Channels (probably fixed in most cases)
>Total Number of Interfaces (probably ignored by most of today's
>Output features supported (optional)
>Here's some I'm not sure about:
>Overall Storage Capacity (not storage used)
>Change in FLASH size installed
>Tray linking
>Media Name

Gail has volunteered to put together a FAQ (thanks Gail!) when there is
consensus on this. Perhaps, we should state the philosophy followed by a list
for the printer MIB, if people want to contribute to the list. If not, I think
the statement may suffice.

Harry Lewis.