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PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Re: JMP> Output Bin Problems

PMP> Re: JMP> Output Bin Problems

JK Martin (
Thu, 1 May 1997 22:33:58 -0400 (EDT)

Harry Lewis wrote in response to Tom Hastings:

> I believe, as I've stated many times, the jmJobStateTable is very useful for
> JOB STATUS MONITORING (not job accounting).

This raises an interesting question:

What problem domain is more important to the marketplace:
job monitoring or job accounting?

We certainly don't want to have to pick one over the other, right?

However, isn't it true that if a particular design decision improves one
task--while at the same time causes problems for the other--aren't we
then making such a decision?

I'll bank on job monitoring any day. Otherwise, we would be reversing
a long-time consensus reached when we asked the questions:

What are the most important problems we wish to solve
with the Job Monitoring MIB, knowing that we can not
possibly solve all of them at one time?

And of those problems, how would they be prioritized?

Recall the PWG meeting where we tacked up many, many flipchart sheets
on the hotel conference room walls, filled with the brainstorm results
of some 30+ people thrashing for some three hours? Remember that event?

And the crowd's problem domain of choice:

Where the hell is my job?

And about 42 variations on that theme. When it was all said and done,
the singular most important problem for which the marketplace wanted to
see an immediate solution was:

"Tell me when my job is done."

So that I can go to lunch.

So that I can get to my meeting with that presentation in hand.

So that I don't waste precious time standing in front of that damn
printer waiting for my damn job to finish.

Is this everyone else's recollection?

If so, then I respectfully submit that all focus on the Job MIB at
this point should be made such that our long-held objective is achieved.

If this consensus is now being challenged, then we better solve it pronto,
because MIB draft deadline time cometh.


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