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Harry Lewis (
Mon, 5 May 1997 14:56:33 -0400

This note went across the IPP reflector

>I've just been lurking here but I came across some info that might be of
>interest to everyone on this list. IBM has come out with a Java based
>network printer manager and have a demo download at
> Haven't looked into it yet but it
>looks to be along the same lines.

>I'm own a component software development company and we're interested in the
>technology that you are developing since our main product is a reporting
>tool. We are looking into enhancing our product to allow internet based

>Jim Gunkel
>Nevrona Designs

The current focus of IBM's JAVA NPM is printer status, configuration and
events. If there is enough interest, to clarify the PWG understanding of
this product, I will be happy to bring a demo of JAVA NPM with me to San
Diego. I would need the cooperation of the PWG Chair in finding a place
on the agenda. This could even be done "after hours", directly following
whatever topic is in session on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems