PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> prtAlertTime issue

PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> prtAlertTime issue

RE: PMP> prtAlertTime issue

Bob Pentecost (
Fri, 6 Jun 1997 13:52:25 -0600

When we discussed whether or not to make prtAlertTime mandatory, I was
assured by several committee members that there was a value that could be
provided if the value of sysUpTime was not available (for our printers it
is a case of sysUpTime being provided by the NIC and, as discussed for
several areas of the MIB, "the NIC doesn't know everything about the
printer and the printer doesn't know everything about the NIC").

Therefore, I request that wording be added as follows:
"A value of zero indicates the alert occurred at an unknown time."

Bob Pentecost

From: Randy Turner[]
Sent: Friday, June 06, 1997 11:18 AM
Subject: PMP> prtAlertTime issue

Lloyd referenced an earlier mail message by Bob Pentecost reflecting a
request by Bob as to
what value should be returned by a GET for prtAlertTime if the printer
didn't know the time.
Values for INTEGER types have (other) and (unknown) as possible values.
The 'TimeTicks'
object has no such equivalents. prtAlertTime is now mandatory, and is
based on sysUpTime
from MIB-II. If someone performs a GET on prtAlertTime (according the
curent definition),
then it MUST return a valid value. There are no alternative 'other' or
'unknown' scenarios
for an object like prtAlertTime, with type 'TimeTicks' that is based on
MIB-II sysUpTime.