PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> IETF concerns regarding the Printer MIB draft???

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> IETF concerns regarding the Printer MIB draft???

Re: PMP> IETF concerns regarding the Printer MIB draft???

Scott Isaacson (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 10:01:09 -0600

As the leader of the discussion on the IPP Model while reviewing recent
issues, it became clear to me that by making statements about
aligning "IPP with the Printer MIB and with the Job Montoring MIB" caused
much consternation among the attendees of the working group meeting.
It basicaly came down to the fact that there is no such thing as a Job
Monitoring MIB and the Printer MIB is broken and will receive serious
push back from the IESG.

As Randy pointed out, we had to remind the group that this was an IPP
working group meeting and not a printmib working group meeting. However,
the feeling of the attendees can be summarized by quoting one vocal
observation made during the meeting:

"If Keith says that you will receive considerable pushback from the IESG if
you align IPP with Printer MIB enums for document format rather than MIME
types, interpret that to mean that the IESG will reject any propsal that is
based on Printer MIB enums rather than MIME types for document format

Later in the meeting, Harold A. joined the meeing and also endorsed the
proposal of using MIME types rather than printer MIB enums.

There were several reasons voiced for using MIME types rather than
IANA registered enums for document formats:

1. Levels and Versions could be captured as needed in MIME types rather
than having 3 different objects in the MIB

2. There is a standard way of adding the encoding used within the MIME type
itself rather than adding yet another object to identify the code set and
encoding used (such as the IPP proposed "document-char-set" attribute)

3. Printer MIB enums are useful in a Management Context, but IPP is being
deployed in a general, end user environment. Alignment with the Printer MIB
enums satisfies only a few tools and existing practice rather than
a MUCH larger set of tools and existing practice for other entities that
interact with IPP.

At this point in the discussion, is where Keith suggested that the Printer
was "broken" in this regard and that it would need to be "fixed" before
being able to be progressed by the IESG.

Jay, you included a concern that public comments be addressed on the
discussion list. I assumed that all comments made at the meeting were
"public" comments and that they would be captured in the meeting notes
and hence published on the mailing list. This is what happened, however
the disucssion list and meeting minutes were for IPP, not PMP.

Thanks to you, we have now started this on the PMP discussion list. As
Randy's notes indicate, there was fairly persuasive and strong comments
about using MIME types. I don't know if any more on this discussion
should be carried out on the IPP or PWG mailing lists?

Scott I.

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>>> JK Martin <> 08/12/97 09:34PM >>>
at the IETF plenary last week:

16. Use of MIME types for "document-format"

Currently, the model document specifies the use of Printer MIB
enumerations for specification of document-format. In addition,
at a recent IPP meeting, it was agreed that enumerations for
PDF and HTML would be added to this list.

Upon hearing the proposed alignment with the Printer MIB for
these values, "a lively discussion ensued".

It was the opinion of Larry Masinter (chair of HTTP WG), Keith
Moore, and most of the IETF audience that alignment with the
Printer MIB was a mistake, and that we should focus on sticking
with MIME-type specifications.

Further, Keith Moore went on to say that the current draft of
the Printer MIB was "broken", and that he is seriously
considering delaying advancement of the Printer MIB draft until
this (and possibly other) issues are addressed. Keith did not
go into any detailed analysis of why the MIB was broken, but
seemed to suggest that there were more than one reason why it's
broken. He went on to say that its possible that (ironically)
the IESG might suggest to the working group that the Printer
MIB should align itself with the MIME-types and change the way
that interpreters are enumerated in the MIB. He suggested that
the group should consider strings, and not enumerations, to
specify these types (i.e., MIME types). Keith was pretty adamant
on this issue and would have conntinued discussion, but Steve Z.
and Scott suggested that discussion on the Printer MIB was
not appropriate at an IPP WG meeting.

This is *most* disconcerting. Can someone shed some light on this

In particular, I find it rather disappointing that such statements
were made in Germany...yet nothing of the sort was posted on the
mailing list.

I could have sworn that ALL public comments were supposed to be
published on the mailing lists.