PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Changing enums to MIME types in Printer MIB

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Changing enums to MIME types in Printer MIB

PMP> Changing enums to MIME types in Printer MIB
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 16:18:31 -0400

I have cut the following from Scott Isaacson's email from
the Munich IPP meeting (item #3 is a statement from Harald

3. Printer MIB enums are useful in a Management Context, but IPP is being
deployed in a general, end user environment. Alignment with the Printer
enums satisfies only a few tools and existing practice rather than
satisfying a MUCH larger set of tools and existing practice for other
entities that will interact with IPP.
At this point in the discussion, is where Keith suggested that the Printer
MIB was "broken" in this regard and that it would need to be "fixed"
before being able to be progressed by the IESG.

Harald did not say anything about the Printer MIB being broken.
Rather than immediately jumping down the path of "fixing" the
Printer MIB by replacing enums with MIME types, I think the best
course of action is to wait for Keith's response to the request from
Chris for a clarification on his statement. It is possible that
Keith's remark was made in the middle of a heated discussion and
did not mean what he said. I need a stronger statment from our
area director than an off-handed comment made in an IETF working
group meeting before I want to undertake the work of ripping up
the Printer MIB to replace enums with MIME types.


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