PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> Status of Printer MIB

PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> Status of Printer MIB

RE: PMP> Status of Printer MIB

Bob Pentecost (
Thu, 2 Oct 1997 12:08:01 -0600

Lloyd & PMP people,

I would be perfectly happy with the Printer MIB as a proposed standard =
instead of jumping through hoops to make it a draft standard. I don't =
believe the number of implementations or their quality will increase due =
to being further along the standards track. A standard is effective when =
it is widely adopted, regardless of its position on the standards track. =
We've made improvements to the Printer MIB, so let's get going on the =
implementations (so we can have another fun bake-off? :-).

It would be nice to get the Host Resources MIB cleaned up, but I don't =
think we should be waiting for something we don't control.

Bob Pentecost

Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 1997 7:47 AM
Subject: PMP> Status of Printer MIB

I wanted to update you on the status of the Printer MIB. As you
probably remember we cannot advance the Printer MIB to Draft
Standard until the Host Resources MIB is advanced to Draft Standard.
A chairman for a Host Resources MIB working group has been
appointed but has been involved in SNMPv3 and has not been able
to get the HR MIB working group going yet. He was supposed to free
up from SNMPv3 during the month of October and subsequently start
the HR MIB work. Chris and I have drafted our formal request to our
Area Directors asking that the Printer MIB be considered for
Draft Standard. Currently we have not sent the formal request
because we are tidying up the supporting material required to
progress the MIB forward. I do not have a firm schedule for when
the new MIB might be moved forward due to our dependency on
the HR MIB. If things progress as desired, we might be well on
our way to Draft status by the end of 1997.

I want to ask the working group one more time do we really want
to move this MIB forward to a Draft Standard. On the current path,
we are delaying getting products to market that might incorporate
the changes in the latest Printer MIB in order to achieve the
Draft Standard status. We could get the updated Printer MIB to
Proposed Standard much faster than to Draft Standard. It is a
simple trade-off of time to market versus the prestige of being
a Draft Standard. I am not convinced that the prestige of being
a Draft Standard is all that great. I wanted to hear opinions from
the rest of the working group.

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