PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Printer MIB Working Group mtg. in Boulder

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Printer MIB Working Group mtg. in Boulder

PMP> Printer MIB Working Group mtg. in Boulder

Harry Lewis (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 16:58:06 -0500

My opinion...

1. We've waited WAY too long for hrMIB changes. If the only reason they=
starting back up is for us... tell them to forget it, don't waste their=
my proposal is a much better solution in that we gain control of our de=
something we should have done a LONG time ago!

2. The proposed improvement, addresses function which is CORE BROKEN an=
appears to have support from within our community. Stalling, now, for t=
he same
old reason... "walking on IETF egg shells" will get us nowhere.

3. Any face-to-face PWG meeting will inevitable exclude the parties who=
not attend. Are there people who can say they would have come to Boulde=
r had
they known there was an active PMP topic but did not come because there=
If there are interested parties, willing to meet, why not take advantag=
e of
this? Decision still require e-mail reflector time and review.
What's the problem having a meeting in Boulder if the people here want =

If someone objects to my proposal on merit please recommend the alterna=
tive. If
someone objects on the basis that it is too disruptive to current prot=
of the current Printer MIB, please indicate so. I can accept these as v=
criticism. I have a real hard time accepting the fact the hrMIB MIGHT t=
ake a
look at our problem or the IETF might or might not approve the activity=
as a
valid reason to stall.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

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Subject: PMP> Printer MIB Working Group mtg. in Boulder

There will not be a Printer MIB working group meeting in Boulder.
We will address the Error Status Reporting issue via the mailing
list and potentially a conference call if required. The only
Printer MIB activity on the agenda is a 15 minute update on the
status of the Printer MIB that was requested by one person.
Because several Printer MIB working group participants will not
be in Boulder, I will give you a written update. The HR MIB working
group should be starting up in the next week or so to move the
HR MIB to Draft Standard. BTW, the HR MIB Working Group activity
is only occurring because of our requirement. The request to add
our new definitions to the previously reserved bits to
hrPrinterDetectedErrorState has been forwarded to the HR MIB
Working Group chairman. We will need to withdraw that request
if we decide to go a different route to address error reporting.
With regards to moving the Printer MIB to Draft Standard, our
Area Directors have taken a hard line stand that a MIB cannot be
advanced from Proposed to Draft if any new function has been added
to a MIB, deletion of function is the only acceptable change.
Based on this position, the best thing for us to do to move forward
is to submit the new Printer MIB as a Proposed Standard. If we still
want to go to Draft Standard, wait until the HR MIB goes to Draft and
then quickly submit the new Printer MIB as a Draft Standard as well.

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