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Jeff Schnitzer (
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 17:49:04 -0500

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From: Harry Lewis <>
To: <>
Subject: Boulder PMP Minutes
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 14:04:23 -0500

There was actually a very brief PMP meeting in Boulder in October, for =
which I
am obliged to publish minutes. Sorry these are so late.

1. Lloyd to remove "Top 25" table from actual Printer MIB text
(appendix) and, instead, insert a reference to a separate
document. This is because the "Top 25" alert table is
landscape and does not fit into the MIB format very well.

2. There was discussion about the fact that IETF does not seem
to consider MIBs as standards track items, anymore. With the
Job MIB we are being advised to register under full PWG control
why don't we do the same with the printer MIB?

We decided we've come a long way under IETF guidelines and we
should not give up, at this point, on moving the Printer MIB
to "Draft" standard.

3. Does the Printer MIB meet all current IETF "internationalization"
requirements? We don't know, for sure.

4. Harry Lewis had a proposal to extend hrPrinterDetectedErrorState
bit definitions via a new OID in the Printer MIB, not in the hrMIB,
which is out of PWG control.

Condition Bit # hrDeviceStatus

inputTrayMissing 0 warning(3) or down(5)
outputTrayMissing 1 warning(3) or down(5)
markerSupplyMissing 2 warning(3) or down(5)
outputNearFull 3 warning(3) or down(5)
outputFull 4 warning(3) or down(5)
inputTrayEmpty 5 warning(3) or down(5)
Reserved 6 n/a
Reserved 7 n/a

This proposal was not OFFICIALLY discussed because it was not
on the original agenda and would have been unfair to those
who might have otherwise attended. Subsequent discussion of the
proposal, via e-mail, has resulted in sticking with the original
direction of defining this extension AS PART OF the Host Resources
MIB. Lloyd and Chris are working with the IETF to assure the
hrMIB is re-opened and this proposal is addressed in a timely

Harry Lewis