PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Justification for prtAlertTime and prtAlertTimeGrou

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Justification for prtAlertTime and prtAlertTimeGrou

Re: PMP> Justification for prtAlertTime and prtAlertTimeGrou

Jay Martin (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 13:57:06 -0500

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Umm...I don't think so, Bob. (I can't speak for Dave Kellerman.)

While it's true that I always had quite a bit of heartburn
accepting the group's original decision to NOT require some
kind of a timing value (relative or absolute) for an alert
event, I always just accepted the group's wishes.

Later, when the group finally realized that, "Hey, we also
must support MIB-II...and that requires time-ticks!", it
then became pretty apparent (to me, anyway) that an alert
time component for an alert entry should be MANDATORY, since
all printers supporting the Printer MIB had that value, anyway.

I don't wish to fight the mandatory-vs-optional argument all over
again. But suffice to say, I was NOT involved in the move of the
original alert time object from one part of the MIB to another.

Could such a move have been proposed by Tom Hastings, perhaps
motivated by creating "a more perfect MIB"? (Hey, let's keep
passing this buck! ;-)

Again, Dave Kellerman may have some fond memories of this situation.


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Subject: RE: PMP> Justification for prtAlertTime and prtAlertTimeGrou
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I think Harry's got this right.=20

While we're on the topic of prtAlertTime, I had a question come to me =
about this object. As I had mentioned when we were changing this object =
to mandatory, the sysUpTime is kept in our Network Interface Card (the =
issue at the time was due to problems getting the time from the NIC, but =
I don't care to revisit that aspect). What's the printer to do when it =
has two such cards installed? One might argue that there's one power =
supply so the times start when the power is turned on, but the time =
could also be kept in an external NIC that communicates with the printer =
over the parallel port. Also, I'm not sure, but the clock drift between =
two NIC timers could be significant.

Any thoughts?

Bob Pentecost


11/19/97 11:16 PM
To: @ internet
From: Harry Lewis/Boulder/IBM @ IBMUS
Subject: Re: PMP> Justification for prtAlertTime and prtAlertTimeGroup =

I would expect Jay or Dave to chime in here because I think they are the =
who finally realized the great benefit to knowing something about the =
related to events. My recollection is that we simply realized timing of =
is essential information and should not be considered optional. The time =
is in
TICKS or something related to sysUpTime, so there's no extra burden in =
terms of
time keeping or having to put a Timex (or Rolex) in the machine.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems on 11/19/97 11:54:57 AM
Please respond to @ internet
To: @ internet
Subject: PMP> Justification for prtAlertTime and prtAlertTimeGroup ch

I am finally getting around to gathering up the justifications
for the changes between RFC1759 and the new Printer MIB. I have
been able to collect the justification for all changes except
for one. The change that I can not find any justification for
is the move of prtAlertTime from the prtAlertTimeGroup to the
prtAlertTableGroup and the subsequent deprecation of the
prtAlertTimeGroup. I have searched both the PMP and PWG mail
archives and while I can find mail that discusses the change,
I can not find any mail that says why the change was made or
why the change was required.
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