PMP Mail Archive: PMP> printerNMSReset

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> printerNMSReset

PMP> printerNMSReset

Harry Lewis (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 11:08:55 -0500

I noticed something that (must have) occurred while moving the Printer =
forward which sets a precedent I'm not sure we should want to set. For=
Code printerNMSReset(505), however, we have actually DEFINED the LOC va=
lue to
be the same as the enumerated integer of the possible types of reset. T=
sounds reasonable, except, in the context of a device defined (i.e. not=

standardized) OID, fixing the values may result in conflict with specif=
device registries. If we had made this assertion from the very beginnin=
devices could have avoided the use of these values but trying to comply=
now may
result in compatibility problems for the device.

To my knowledge, aside from this one example, the Alert entry LOCATION =
remains entirely device specific.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems