PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Changes to Printer MIB

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Changes to Printer MIB

PMP> Changes to Printer MIB
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 11:19:07 -0500

I have finally finished incorporating all of the changes to the
Printer MIB. Following are the changes that were incorporated
(where there was e-mail requesting the change I will list a
URL pointer):

1. Including Host Resources MIB changes in adding additional
hrDeviceStatus bits, correcting description in hrPrinterStatus
and changing hrPrinterDetected from Octet String to Bits.

2. Updated LAST-UPDATED field from Matt King:

3. Added langFujitsu(59) to PrtInterpreterLangFamilyTC.
Private mail from Fujitsu.

4. Added Finisher MIB values to PrtMarkerSuppliesTypeTc from
Ron Bergman:

5. Corrected value ordering in PrtMarkerSuppliesSupplyUnitTC
from Tom Hastings:

6. Added items(18) to PrtMarkerSuppliesSupplyUnitTC for Finisher
MIB from Ron Bergman:

7. Added Finisher MIB values to PrtAlertGroupTC from Ron Bergman:
(I can not locate Ron's original e-mail but it is referenced
in an e-mail from Tom Hastings)

8. Remove prtAlertLocation from printerNMSReset from Harry Lewis:

9. Changed meaning if both values of prtConsoleOnTime and
prtConsoleOffTime are zero from Harry Lewis:

10. Updated Appendix E - Overall Printer Status Table from Chuck

11. Added Chuck Adams to list of significant contributors due to
work in Appendix E.

12. Added Copyright notice required by IETF.

If there are changes that you think have been missed please let
me know. I will be forwarding this to the Internet Drafts editor
on Wednesday 11/4 if I do not receive any comments.

I have uploaded two PDF files to the PWG server: first file has
the changes marked and second file does not have the changes

Before anyone comments on the dates, I anticipated I would complete
this work on Friday 10/30 but it was done two days early. Rather than
taking the time to change the dates again, I left them alone.

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