PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> New Printer MIB draft [compile errors]

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> New Printer MIB draft [compile errors]

Re: PMP> New Printer MIB draft [compile errors]

Ira Mcdonald x10962 (
Tue, 3 Nov 1998 10:19:27 PST

Hi Lloyd, Tuesday (3 November 1998)

I just picked up your latest draft of Printer MIB (pmib_110298.txt) and
compiled it with Epilogue and SMICng compilers. Apart from the compile
problems (in detail below), there are still some formatting problems:

1) You FTP'd this file in binary, not text mode, so extraneous CRs are
on every line on the PWG FTP server (users can download in binary
to DOS/Windows systems to get the right line breaks - users on other
platforms must remove the extraneous CRs with a filter tool).

2) Your left margin doesn't start in column 1 (required for both I-Ds
and RFCs).

3) Over 1700 lines of 'pmib_110298.txt' are longer than 72 columns (not
permitted for either I-Ds or RFCs) - probably a side effect of (2)

4) The formfeeds (page breaks) are at the END of each footer line,
rather than the BEGINNING of the (blank) next line (required for
both I-Ds and RFCs) - this is a bug in all versions of MS Word -
'mstrip' can't find a MIB in a '.txt' file with broken formfeeds -
pickup my 'overx' tool from the PWG site to fix broken formfeeds -
also 'maxln' for line length checks and 'cscan' for graphic chars

The one substantial change (below) is in 'prtAlertIndex' - changing the
MAX-ACCESS from the old 'not-accessible' (RFC 144x style for indices) to
'read-only' (compatible with BOTH RFC 144x [1993] and RFC 190x [1996]
SNMP compilers).

We wrestled with this issue in Xerox private MIBs and decided to use the
'read-only' value, RATHER than strict RFC 190x 'accessible-for-notify'.
'read-only' compiles cleanly with older SMIv2 compilers and network
mangagement station translators AND it can be translated directly to
SMIv1 (where, by convention, indices were 'read-only' instead of
'not-accessible', although there is mixed practice on this point in
published IETF MIBs).

RFC 1759 also has the same defect, when compiled with an RFC 190x SMIv2
compiler. Since RFC 144x is now marked 'Historic/Not Recommended' by
the IETF and RFC 190x is 'Draft Standard', this problem WILL have to be
addressed in order to publish the revised Printer MIB as an RFC on the
'standards track'.

- Ira McDonald (outside consultant at Xerox)
High North Inc


[Changes to 'pmib_110298.txt' MIB for Epilogue compiler errors]

*** In 'PrtMarkerSuppliesSupplyUnitTC', missing comment dashes
< Value for Finisher MIB

>                       -- Value for Finisher MIB

*** In 'prtAlertIndex', MAX-ACCESS must be changed to 'read-only' (to *** work with RFC 144x SMIv2 compilers) or 'accessible-for-notify' (to *** work with RFC 190x SMIv2 compilers ONLY, but NOT RFC 144x ones) 4578,c,4578 < MAX-ACCESS not-accessible

>               MAX-ACCESS read-only

*** In 'prtAlertTableGroup', add 'prtAlertIndex' to avoid warnings or *** errors with various SNMP compilers (because it's now 'read-only') 5274,a,5275 > prtAlertIndex,