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PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Re: Maui Meeting

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Harry Lewis (
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 15:39:55 -0500

No MIB meetings, as such... but, as I pointed out in Tucson... there wa=
s a high
likelihood that we would be addressing the Printer-Finisher interface. =
this is not a MIB meeting (Don is correct)... it will likely be of inte=
rest to
anyone who has been involved in the Printer, Finisher and Job MIB's, in=
past. The agenda for Printer-Finisher interface in January is not set, =
but, due to an expected large turn out overlaying with IEEE1394 on Thur=
sday is
under consideration.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems on 11/20/98 01:27:57 PM
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At the request of Ron Bergman and Harry Lewis, there are no MIB meeting=
s planned
for Maui.

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Do you know what days and times we will have the MIB meetings?

Thank you

Kevin Palmer
Duplo USA Corp.