PMP Mail Archive: PMP> New Printer MIB

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> New Printer MIB

PMP> New Printer MIB
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 17:00:37 -0500

I have posted a new Printer MIB on the PWG FTP site:

The following changes have been incorporated:

1. Added double hyphen (--) to "Value for Finisher MIB" comment
in PrtMarkerSuppliesSupplyUnitTC object. This was from Michael Kirkham
in an email dated 11/2/98.

2. Corrected formatting errors as pointed out by Ira McDonald in an
e-mail dated 11/3/98.

3. Changed the MAX-ACCESS on prtAlertIndex to "read-only" rather than
"not-accessible" as requested in Ira's e-mail dated 11/3/98.

4. Changed occurance of "" to "" listed in
Ron Bergman's e-mail of 11/3/98.

This is the document that will be submitted to the IETF unless
other errors are found.

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