PMP Mail Archive: PMP> HR MIB Status

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> HR MIB Status

PMP> HR MIB Status
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 13:43:43 -0400

As a result of Chris and I pushing on the HR MIB, the Area Directors
have decided to move it to another area where it can receive more focus.
One of the new Area Directors is committed to make sure the HR MIB
receives the proper attention. Following is the new schedule for the HR MIB:

Apr 1999 re-submit the Host MIB SMIv2 draft with one or two last
revisions (for the printer folks)

May 1999 finish/publish the Host MIB implementation report
If we can do it by May 16th or so, then we might
be able to finish before the next IETF in July.

May/Jun 1999 IETF Last Call (4 weeks, because there was no formal
WG to review the new document).

July 1st Let IESG decide in their IESG telechat.
This is the last IESG telechat before the IETF.
If we miss this one, then the next opportunity is
July 29th.

At least now we have an Area Director personally involved and our
opportunity for success has increased.

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