PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Printer MIB status

PMP Mail Archive: Re: PMP> Printer MIB status

Re: PMP> Printer MIB status
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 11:11:01 -0600

This seems completely backward to me. There should be little need for a "show of
hands" to add an alert and a channel type!!! These are straightforward
extensions. The need for debate should be in the removal (deprecation?) of
prtAlertIndex from the trap varBind. Whether or not it met the letter of the
law... it's been shipped, now, for over 4 years and has caused no documented
harm. It can be justified by the interpretation that a varBind is simply
"interesting information". Of course, it can be criticized in that the Index
should be not-accessible.

Exactly what resolution are we pursuing in the draft standard to the varBind
issue? I think we should deprecate prtAlertIndex from the trap but not "fail"
implementations that followed the original definition.

Why would the printer MIB balk at adding a channel type for IPP or a new alert
that someone found they needed?

Harry Lewis
IBM Printing Systems on 07/06/99 10:59:45 AM

Subject: PMP> Printer MIB status

From: Lloyd Young@LEXMARK on 07/06/99 12:59 PM

Subject: Printer MIB status

I wanted to update you on the status of the Printer MIB.

1. Status of progressing the HR MIB and Printer MIB to Draft Standard:
This work has not progressed as stated in the previous schedule. The
IETF Area Directors are now actively involved in the HR MIB work.

2. Issue raised by Mike Thatcher on prtAlertIndex: Chris and I have
work underway to get to the bottom of this issue and propose a
course of action.

3. Proposed change raised by Tom Hastings for adding chIPP channel:
There has been little support for this change since asking for "a show
of hands" on the mailing list. Therefore this proposed change will
not be included in the Printer MIB.

4. Proposed change raised by Harry Lewis for adding a new Media Path
alert in the Printer MIB: There has been no support for this change
on the mailing list since it was posted. Therefore this proposed
change will not be included in the Printer MIB.

These are all the issues that I am tracking on the Printer MIB, please
let me know if I have left any out.

Lloyd Young
Manager, Alliances and Complementary Project Development
Consumer Printer Division Lexmark International, Inc.
Dept. C88M/Bldg. 005-1 740 New Circle Road NW
email: Lexington, KY 40550-0001
Phone: (606) 232-5150 Fax: (630) 982-4032