PMP Mail Archive: PMP> HOT STOCK PICK (adv.)

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> HOT STOCK PICK (adv.)

(no date), Inc. (OTC BB: ENCR)
The Stock is currently trading at only 32 cents!

Upside potential is tremendous!

Their current fiscal year earnings (May 31, 2000) are projected at 36 cents per share, justifying a future share price of $4.00 to $6.00 in the next twelve months.

Company operates interactive singles matching web site!

Company is licensing it's name to and internet gaming casino and will participate in a revenue sharing of highly profitable online gambling business!!!!!

ENCR is positioned to become the world's leading provider of online services to the huge global singles market, concentrating on 'voice personals', online dating, theater & event booking, Internet gaming, and the multi-billion travel industry.

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