PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Comments on Host Resources MIB in SMIv2 - I-D posted!!

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Comments on Host Resources MIB in SMIv2 - I-D posted!!

PMP> Comments on Host Resources MIB in SMIv2 - I-D posted!!

Ira McDonald (
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 11:41:48 -0400

Hi folks,

I just noticed that this Internet-Draft was published Tuesday:


In light of Bert Wijnen's note from Monday (26 July 1999),
Printer MIB folks had better get right to work looking at
this MIB (full text of Bert's note is appended below).

So far, I can confirm that it compiles cleanly with Epilogue
Emissary 7.0. And that it has several new compile dependencies
(Interfaces MIB, RFC 2233 - and hence SNMPv2 Agent MIB, RFC 1907)
and is *split* into two MIBs:

HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - Existing object definitions

HOST-RESOURCES-TYPE-MIB - All the storage and device type OIDs

This split follows the convention of the Interfaces MIB (RFC 2233)
which also requires the separate IANA Interfaces Type MIB,
which can be found at:

(oops - correct HR types is HOST-RESOURCES-TYPES)

SNMP literate folks should take a *hard* look at this ASN.1,
because the IETF does NOT change 'Draft Standard' level
documents in any substantive way.

Printer literate folks should take a look at the additions
in support of PWG requests for new error bits.

- Ira McDonald
High North Inc

[Bert's original note]
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 99 22:20:40 DST
From: "Bert Wijnen" <>
Subject: PMP> Comments sought for new internet-draft for host resources MIB
Status: R


The HOST-RESOURCES-MIB resided in the APPS Area.
However, the APPS and OPS ADs have agreed that OPS
would take over the effort to advance the MIB (RFC1514)
to Draft Standard. Bobby Krupzack had done some initial
work on this for the PrinterMIB WG.

It seems a bit heavy to spin up the HOSTMIB WG for this.

So recently we (OPS ADs) have decided that the original authors
(mainly Steve Waldbusser) would pick up the ball and do the
following work:
- Convert the MIB to SMIv2
- Make the doc compliant with all the admin rules aka
MIB boilerplate, security section, copyright etc.
- Include the clarifications provided by Bobby.
- Clarify text
- Collect the implementation report.
This work is nearing completion. Bobby, Steve and myself have
gone over a few iterations, and the resulting work will soon
be posted as:


As soon as that happens, I'd like to start a 2 week period for
anybody to send in comments. If we all agree that the work
is of good quality, then I will ask for a 4-week IESG Last Call
for advancement to Draft Standard.

Please send any comments to the hostmib mailing list:
Please do not copy such comments to the other mailing lists
included in this posting. This email serves only as a ptr to
the hostmib mailing list where the discussion should take place.

Also, while we are collecting comments on the document, pls
send in implementation reports either to the mailing list, or
to Bobby and Steve. We can use all the info we can get. It
will help to qualify for advancement to Draft Standard.
See RFC2438 for details on that.


Bert Wijnen, co-AD for Operations and Management