PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Free Research Report Enclosed....!!!!!(adv)

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Free Research Report Enclosed....!!!!!(adv)

PMP> Free Research Report Enclosed....!!!!!(adv)

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International Sports Management Holding Corporation (ISM) is a publicly held Corporation established in 1993 and currently listed under the symbol (ISMH). The company’s offices and race shops are located in a 42,000 square foot state of the art building at 4500 W. 96th St. in Indianapolis, Indiana in the Mayflower Business Park. ISM specializes in sports marketing and sponsorship solicitation for sports properties, as well as owning, marketing and managing its own professional auto racing teams. ISM currently owns a team in the Indy Racing League (IRL), which races in the prestigious Indianapolis 500 as well as ten additional races in eight major cities in the United States.

It is ISM’s objective to maximize shareholder value through the utilization of its corporate officers’ vast knowledge and experience in the field of sports marketing and management as well as incremental revenue programs. ISM’s business philosophy and practices are geared toward maximizing success and minimizing uncertainty and instability. Together with a staff of highly experienced and competent personnel, ISM has enjoyed great success in efficient utilization its capital resources.


ISM is a nationally recognized sports management company specializing in three major areas of professional sports management; Sports Marketing, Athlete Management, and Professional Race Team Management. Since its inception, a number of major corporations and professional athletes have engaged the services of ISM to assist them in their sports marketing needs. The company has cultivated marketing opportunities for athletes in professional and collegiate sports such as; professional golf, football and basketball as well as owning and managing several professional auto-racing teams.


L.G. Hancher and Gary D. Sallee were co-founders of the company and are currently its principal shareholders.

L. G. Hancher, Chairman of ISM Holding, has a diversified professional motor sports marketing background. In 1985 while serving as Sales and Marketing Manager for the Raynor Garage Door Company, Mr. Hancher initiated Raynor’s involvement in motorsports with a product sponsorship at the Indianapolis 500 garages. The program was so successful in increasing sales of Raynor products that the following year Raynor purchased their own racing team and appointed Mr. Hancher as President and General Manager of the team.

He then went on to lead the Raynor team to a top ten standing in 1987 and 1988.

Following Mr. Hancher’s success at Raynor, he began an entrepreneurial endeavor as an importer for Pi Research computer systems where he worked with leading race teams in NASCAR, INDY Car, Formula One and IMSA. He then furthered his racing experience as General Manager for the McKenzie Group Financial racing team and achieved top ten finishes in every oval race for the 1990 season. Mr. Hancher was managing partner of ISM Holding’s FIRST PLUS/Team Cheever sponsored IRL Team, winning it’s third race as a new team and the first race in 1997 at the Walt Disney 200 and continuing on to a third place finish at the prestigious Indianapolis 500 that year

Gary Sallee, President of ISM Holding, has been practicing general business law in Indianapolis, Indiana since 1981. His law practice has focused on sports and entertainment management as well as commercial real estate development. In 1993, Mr. Sallee together with Mr. Hancher formed International Sports Management. Mr. Sallee is an NFLPA contract advisor and has represented players in the NFL; USFL, CFL, NHL and other team based sports. During the early 80’s He was also a member of the Board of Advisors of the Indianapolis Checkers IHL Hockey Team. Mr. Sallee has represented many personalities from the entertainment world including record companies, a recording studio, promoters and sponsors. He has also been involved in the organizing of special events such as the closing ceremonies for the Pan American games and the National Sports Festival, hosted by the city of Indianapolis. Mr. Sallee has also been involved with various charitable organizations such as the Hemophilia Foundation of Indiana where he served on the Board of Directors for more than ten years and as President has for five years. He recently served as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Hemophilia Foundation.


In the motorsports field, ISM has actively been involved in race team ownership since 1997 and management since it’s inception. Currently the company owns and manages a team that competes in the Indy Racing League (IRL) series. ISM Holding has been very successful in fielding winning cars and numerous front-line drivers since the team’s inception in 1993.

For the 1997-1998 IRL season ISM Racing Corp. a subsidiary of ISM, fielded one car driven by Jeff Ward in all 11 IRL events. At the Disney 200, and the Phoenix 200 ISM fielded a two-car team. ISM was the only team in 1998 to have entered and successfully qualified three cars in the 1998 Indianapolis 500. Steve Knapp who finished third and won the coveted ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AWARD in 1998 drove one of the cars.

During the 1997-1998 IRL season Jeff Ward finished third and won THE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AWARD in the 1997 Indianapolis 500. In addition Jeff completed his first full IRL season with ISM Racing Corp. Jeff finished sixth in the 1997-1998 points standings, was second in laps led with 326, had five top ten finishes, eight top ten starts, with one pole position, and started from the front row four times in eleven races.

With multi year co-title sponsorships from Thermo Tech Technologies (TTRIF) and Cease-Fire (BIOF), ISM Racing Corp. is again poised to be a top contending team for the 1998-1999 IRL season.

Associate sponsors Prolong Super Lubricants, National Car Rental, Volvo, Nextel, and other sponsors at various levels will benefit from the exposure on race day and the proven experience that the ISM team has in nurturing Business to Business relationships.

It is ISM’s intent to own a majority interest in all open wheel-racing venues. All race teams will be based out of ISM’s offices and shop facility, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. ISM will control all operational, financial, and management functions of the teams.

In 1997, ISM became involved in the highly successful NASCAR Winston Cup series as an owner of a newly formed team. At the end of the season the company elected to sell its interest in the team. Nevertheless, ISM will continue to be involved in securing sponsors for the teams new owners.


ISM management and staff have successfully developed programs for major corporations desiring to promote their products through professional athletes and sports leagues including The PGA, LPGA, SPGA Tour, NFL, NHL, NHRA, IMSA, USAC, NASCAR, and the IRL. With the diversified expertise and vast knowledge ISM intends to continue to expand the Sports Management segment of the business as sports marketing continues to grow as a viable way for corporations to market their products.


ISM has a full time staff of professionals that focus on "sports sponsorship solicitation" for both motor sports as well as athletes. ISM marketing personnel focus on soliciting sponsorship monies from corporations looking to use sports marketing as a way to promote their products and services. As a result of the national media exposure and its fast pace level of excitement, auto racing has and is continuing to become one of the most popular areas of involvement for corporate America. Brand loyalty among race fans is the highest of any fan base in the world of professional sports.

ISM through its management and marketing personnel have successfully developed and implemented many successful and profitable incremental revenue programs. ISM will continue to develop programs that can be designed to utilize the business to business relationships that the company has established in the past.


The company is committed to solid systematic profitable growth through the expansion of its existing motorsports division. The company plans to expand from a one-car team to a two-car team in the IRL series. The company will continue to aggressively pursue its Athlete Management endeavors by finding new players to join the ever-growing stable of professional athletes that it currently represents. The company will continue ride the current wave of corporate sponsorship involvement to maximize their sports marketing programs.



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