PMP Mail Archive: PMP> "printing on demand"

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> "printing on demand"

PMP> "printing on demand"

From: Minh Tran (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 07:55:22 EDT

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    Good morning,

       My department has 5 matrix printers for printing
    Telex. These printers print approx. 1000pages/day and
    generate a lot of uncomfortable noises. I am looking
    to re-direct the output of these printers to a
    computer where we could easily control and do "print
    on demand" to a laser printer. Do you know if there is
    any software is available on the market to do this
    type of "conversion"? Otherwise, do you know if there
    is any company could help us to do this conversion?



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