PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Printer MIB and Finisher MIB Update

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Printer MIB and Finisher MIB Update

PMP> Printer MIB and Finisher MIB Update

Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 17:08:31 EDT

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    Bert and David,
    I have updated both MIBs per your latest comments and the new drafts have
    been submitted to the IETF Internet-Drafts site. They should be available
    shortly. In the interim, the documents are available on the PWG FTP site:

    The majority of the changes are not technical but per your suggestions
    regarding requirements for the RFC editor. The most significant change is
    moving the CodedCharSet TC to IANA. We have created this MIB and it is
    being submitted to IANA.
    We sincerely appreciate your support in reviewing this document and hope
    that you can do a quick review of the final results and submit to the IESG
    for last call.
    Summary of the changes to the Printer MIB (-11 to -12)
    1) Removed Gary Gocek, Harry Lewis, and Randy Turner from the cover page
        footers. Move the listings for the above from the "Authors" to
        Contributors" and removed the company addresses to be consistent with
        entries in appendix F.
    2) Added Steve Waldbusser to the "Significant Contributors" section.
    3) Section 2.2.13 "...description of each alert..."
        was "...description of each critical alert..."
    4) Corrected prtInputXXX names in first paragraph of Appendix B and C.
        revised this paragraph to reference the PWG Media Names specification
    5) Added a note to prtMarkerLifeCount concerning the need to be a
    persistent value.
    6) Added chSMTP(45) to prtChannelTypeTC. Added reference [29].
    7) Corrected reference to IANA Charset Registry. (reference [4])
    8) Shortened name of Appendix B.
    9) Added reference to PWG Media Names specification [30] to
        prtInputMediaType, and prtInputMediaColor. Revised description and
    added a
        reference clause for prtInputMediaType, and prtInputMediaColor.
    10) Added the copyright notice to first page.
    11) Removed the references to the HR and Interfaces MIB from the Abstract.
    12) Added section 1.5 and a reference to RFC 2119 in the Reference section.
    13) Removed the CodedCharSet Textual Convention, replaced with an import of
        CodedCharSet TC from IANA.
    14) Section, 1st paragraph: Added text that indicates the
    CodedCharSet TC is
        from the IANA Coded Character Set MIB.
    15) Section 2.2.5, 1st paragraph: Revised text to reference the Finisher
    16) Section 2.2.8: Added a reference to RFC 1790 and revised the text for
    17) Section 2.2.9: Added a reference to RFC 2863.
    18) Split section 10 into sections 10 and 11 for Normative and Informative
        References. All references have been re-labeled per current IETF
    19) Added new language enums 60 to 65 to prtInterpreterLangFamilyTC.
    20) Updated the contact information in the MODULE-IDENTITY clause.

    Summary of the changes to the Finisher MIB (-12 to -13)
    1) Moved second paragraph of the abstract to the Introduction section.
    2) Removed second paragraph of section 5.2.
    3) Added a size clause to finDeviceAssociatedMediaPaths and
    4) Split section 8 into sections 8 and 9 for Normative and Informative
        All references have been re-labeled per current IETF practice.
    5) Added Ira McDonald to the "Significant Contributors" section.
        For the PrintMIB Working Group,
        Ron Bergman

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