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PMP Mail Archive: PMP> RE: Printer MIB - prtInputMediaName Q

PMP> RE: Printer MIB - prtInputMediaName Query

From: Hastings, Tom N (
Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 15:45:59 EDT

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    I have several comments. I'm glad that these media naming problems are
    being addressed in the Printer MIB and that the PWG Media Name standard
    (IEEE-ISTO 5101.1) is being used. However, there appears to be some
    Description text in the Printer MIB that didn't get updated to reflect this

    1. So the description of prtInputMediaName needs to be fixed (see below),
    since the sentence:

    "This description is intended for display to a human operator."

    suggests to me that the client application just takes the string and
    displays it directly. No reformatting and no localization need be done by
    the client.

    Instead, the description needs to suggest that the client MAY do some
    reformatting and/or localization before displaying.

    2. And the example should be changed from a very human-readable value (but
    not localizable by the client, since its not a standard keyword from either
    the PWG standard or Appendix C): 'legal tender bond paper' to ones from
    IEEE-ISTO 5101.1, such as, say, the two examples from 5101.1 section 5.1.6:

    The letter size (8.5 inches by 11 inches) used in North America:
    The iso A4 size (210 mm by 297 mm) used in metric countries:

    prtInputMediaName OBJECT-TYPE
        MAX-ACCESS read-write
        STATUS current
            "A description of the media contained in this input sub-unit;
            This description is intended for display to a human operator.
            This description is not processed by the printer. It is used
            to provide information not expressible in terms of the other
            media attributes (e.g. prtInputMediaDimFeedDirChosen,
            prtInputMediaDimXFeedDirChosen, prtInputMediaWeight,
            prtInputMediaType). An example would be 'legal tender bond
             "The PWG Standardized Media Names specification [PWGMEDIA]
             the recommended values for this object. See also Appendix C,
             'Media Names', which defines the values suggested in RFC
        ::= { prtInputEntry 12 }

    3. Printer MIB Appendix C Media Names also that the following sentence which
    needs fixing to indicate that the client application may wish to do some
    reformatting and/or localization:

    The object prtInputMediaName is
       intended for display to an operator and is purely descriptive.

    4. Printer MIB Appendix C should clarify that the list of keywords are the
    ones from RFC 1759.

    5. Printer MIB Appendix C should also clarify that it is OK to use the RFC
    1759 values as well, right?


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            This was discussed at some length long ago (Ira McDonald, XCMI, et.

            The decision was to use the 5101 self-describing names.


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                    Hello all,

                    One of the SNMP guys is updating our the Xerox SNMP Printer
    MIB implementation guide and send out some new wording for us to review.
    Specifically he was working on the variable prtInputMediaName variable
    description in our implementer guide and trying to updated based on printer
    MIB v2 changes. The printer MIB now has the following

                            Appendix C - Media Names

                            For the convenience of management application
    developers ... Management applications that present a dialogue for choosing
    media may wish to use these names as an alternative to separately
    specifying, size, color, and/or type ... The object prtInputMediaName is
    intended for display to an operator and is purely descriptive.

                                    SYNTAX OCTET STRING (SIZE(0..63))
                                    ... This description is intended for display
    to a human operator. ... An example would be 'legal tender bond paper.

                    This led to some confusion. The more I think about this I
    think the implementer guide writer has taken the correct approach with this
    variable. He is under the impression that this variable was to be a string
    returned in a machine-readable form , i.e. based on the strings in IEEE-ISTO
    5101-1-2002 not a human-readable form. My interface gurus think of
    "na-10x13-envelope" as machine-readable string as and "Envelope -
    10x13inches" as human-readable string. Your mileage may vary as you have
    your own gurus.

                    Do you all concur that the string returned should be from
    IEEE-ISTO 5101-1-2002? And that the wording in these sections of the printer
    MIB is a bit confusing? Are we still able to make editorial changes to the
    MIB. If you say yes to these questions would you like me to propose new
    wording or would someone else like to step up and do a bit of editing to
    make this less confusing?

                    On the other hand I could imagine there are implementers
    like myself that believed this really should be a description and thus have
    put things like "Letter - 8.5x11inches" in this variable. And now
    applications are expecting this to a human-readable string. I hope this is
    not the case but something to consider.

                    Chuck Adams
                    Common Software Team
                    Office Printing Business
                    Xerox Corporation

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