PMP Mail Archive: PMP> FW: draft-black-snmp-uri-00.txt

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> FW: draft-black-snmp-uri-00.txt

PMP> FW: draft-black-snmp-uri-00.txt

From: McDonald, Ira (
Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 21:08:02 EDT

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    Hi folks,

    FYI - a new SNMP URI scheme draft - worth looking at:

    - Ira McDonald
      High North Inc

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    From: Paul Hoffman / IMC []
    Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 2:44 PM
    Subject: draft-black-snmp-uri-00.txt

    There's a new URI document, draft-black-snmp-uri-00.txt, which
    discusses a URI for the SNMP protocol. The author of the draft is on
    this list but apparently unable to post. He's open for comments.

    --Paul Hoffman, Director
    --Internet Mail Consortium

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