PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> Posted Last Call draft of Port Mo

PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> Posted Last Call draft of Port Mo

RE: PMP> Posted Last Call draft of Port Mon MIB (10 March 2005)

From: McDonald, Ira (
Date: Thu Mar 10 2005 - 14:18:46 EST

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    Hi Bert,

    I knew I'd forgotten to fix the four-digit years and that
    darn REVISION clause. The uses of DisplayString were all
    intentional for strings that can't reasonably be non-ASCII.

    Several years ago, the SNMPv3 WG wasted a lot of time finding
    out that using non-ASCII strings in community names mostly
    broke existing SNMP libraries - I could certainly change
    that one - the 'ppmPortSnmpCommunityName' object was from
    the original Microsoft request - these printers and external
    network adapters are all running SNMPv1 with no security,
    but they seem to use a different read community name for
    each printer port - we can't really throw out the Microsoft
    requirements, because they're the motivating force for the

    I agree with your suggestion about SnmpAdminString. I was
    following the usage in the just-published Printer MIB v2
    (RFC 3805) where we were told to use a dedicated TC whose
    semantics were that a specific SNMP object contained the
    language tag (same as here). Should we change these fields
    to SnmpAdminString?

    We'll probably accept your comments as Last Call comments,
    because we're on a short fuse to start our PWG Last Call.

    - Ira

    Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
    Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
    PO Box 221 Grand Marais, MI 49839
    phone: +1-906-494-2434

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    Subject: RE: PMP> Posted Last Call draft of Port Mon MIB (10 March 2005)

    Not sure which level of SMICng you tried, but I get:

      C:\bwijnen\smicng\work>smicmfm wd-pmpportmib10-20050310_mib.mi2
      E: f(wd-pmpportmib10-20050310_mib.mi2), (12,18) Date/time(0503100000Z)
    must have
        a year greater than 89
    ** 1 error and 0 warnings in parsing

    Years (in LAST-UPDATE and REVISION clauses are 4 digits (yyyy)

    I also get:

      W: f(wd-pmpportmib10-20050310_mib.mi2), (43,21) The first revision should
         the last update for MODULE-IDENTITY ppmMIB

       *** 0 errors and 1 warning in parsing

    And... in general, a REVISION clause is normally only present for each
    that was actually formally published. Not sure how it works in PMP
    In IETF, revisions in various Internte-Drafts will not have a separate
    clause, only revisions that are published as RFCs.

    I did a very quick browse.

    I wonder why you do not use SnmpAdminString (RFC3411) instead of defining
    own TC.

    I see: ppmPortProtocolPortNumber and wonder if you not better use
           the InetPortNumber TC from RFC4001


      ppmPortSnmpCommunityName OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX DisplayString (SIZE (0..255))
        MAX-ACCESS read-only
        STATUS current
            "The SNMP read community name, specified in US-ASCII, for access
            to the printer status information in IETF MIB-II (RFC 1213),
            IETF Host Resources MIB (RFC 1514/2790), and IETF Printer MIB
            (RFC 1759/3805) for this port.

            If this object is empty, then the SNMP read community name for
            this port MUST default to 'public'."
            "See: 'snmpCommunityName' in SNMP Community MIB (RFC 3584)."
        DEFVAL { ''H } -- no SNMP read community name
        ::= { ppmPortEntry 7 }

    seems pretty INSECURE, plus, a valid SNMP communityName is allowewd to
    contain non-ASCII characters. So I find this very questional stuff

    I am also worried somewhat by the use of all the DisplaySTring types
    (US NVT ASCII). Does not seem to be of current time anymore and
    certainly does not seem to be future proof to me

    Just my initial 2 cents

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    > Ira
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    > Subject: PMP> Posted Last Call draft of Port Mon MIB (10 March 2005)
    > Hi folks, Thursday (10
    > March 2005)
    > Mike Fenelon converted the PWG Printer Port Monitor MIB to MS Word and
    > added PWG boilerplate for v1.0 - status of 'Stable' - now posted at:
    > - MS Word document source
    > - ASN.1 MIB source - SMIv2 format
    > - Acrobat PDF - PWG boilerplate, introduction, model, references
    > This MIB compiles without warnings in both Epilogue Emissary
    > and SMICng.
    > We will start a PWG Last Call on this document within the
    > next week, to
    > span the PWG face-to-face meeting in Tokyo in April and
    > finish during a
    > special PWG plenary telecon the following week.
    > Cheers,
    > - Editors of PWG Printer Port Monitor MIB
    > o Mike Fenelon (Microsoft)
    > o Ivan Pavicevic (Microsoft)
    > o Ron Bergman (Ricoh)
    > o Ira McDonald (High North Inc)
    > ----------------------------------------
    > [change log - to be deleted before Candidate Standard publication]
    > 8 March 2005 (v1.0)
    > - Converted to official PWG working draft
    > - Expanded the background section

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