PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Comments on Printer Port Monitor MIB

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> Comments on Printer Port Monitor MIB

PMP> Comments on Printer Port Monitor MIB 1.0 working draft dated Marc h 21, 2005

From: Adams, Charles A (
Date: Tue Mar 22 2005 - 11:46:17 EST

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    1. ppmGeneralNaturalLanguage

    Why does this MIB define the following object?

    It seems like localization information will reside in multiple places,
    prtGeneralCurrentLocalization/prtLocalizationTable and also

    Is it because this MIB needs to be independent of the printer MIB? Is it
    expected this MIB may be implemented on a device that does not implement
    the printer MIB?

    2. ppmPortHrDeviceIndex - This seems to imply an hrDeviceTable entry is
    needed for each port on the system. Is this the expected behavior?
    Or is this just the hrDeviceIndex of the printer?
    Or is the the hrDeviceIndex for the network card?

    3. ppmPortSnmpCommunityName - This MIB is going to expose the SNMP read
    community name? If the read community name is not already known by a
    client, how can this value be read in the first place?

    4. Seems like returning this value over SNMPv1 is a security hole that
    should not be so
    glaring. This value should be defined to always return a “NULL” string
    unless the transfer is done using SNMP encryption and authentication.

    5. Rather than defining ppmPortSnmpCommunityName it might be useful to
    ppmPortSnmpCommunityName as r/w. The MS applications that want to change the
    name would then have a standard way to do this.

    Chuck Adams
    West Coast Program Management Team/SEBU/XOG
    Phone (503) 685-2589 Internal 8-875-2589

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