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PMP Mail Archive: PMP> RE: Adding ppmPortDescription to Port

PMP> RE: Adding ppmPortDescription to Port Mon MIB

From: Mike Fenelon (
Date: Thu Apr 21 2005 - 12:59:10 EDT

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    The intent of this object is to give a short, concise user-friendly name
    of the port. It will be presented in the User Interface for and device
    that advertises more than one port so the user can pick the correct port
    for their connected printer. The whole intent was to differentiate
    between multiple ports on a device that could host multiple printers. I
    am concerned we will start degrading the user experience if we add a
    whole bunch of ports for the same printer with slightly different names.


    Mike Fenelon



    From: Bergman, Ron []
    Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2005 9:32 AM
    To: McDonald, Ira; Paul Danbold
    Cc:; Harry Lewis (E-mail); Mike Fenelon; Ivan Pavicevic
    Subject: RE: Adding ppmPortDescription to Port Mon MIB




    I would like to hear from Mike or Ivan on this subject, rather than rely
    on memory.

    Your comment does not agree with the current description clause for this



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            Hi Ron,


            Doesn't work - MS specifically said that they wanted PortName

            to a _name_ that they will display in their tools and do NOT
    want it to

            include descriptive text. Your memory is incorrect.



            - Ira


            Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
            Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
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                    Subject: Re: Adding ppmPortDescription to Port Mon MIB



                    Thanks for the clarification. In the expectation that
    manufacturers will initialize ppmPortName with helpful information, I am
    satisfied there is no need to add an additional object.





                    Paul Danbold

                    Imaging Technologies Evangelist, Apple Worldwide
    Developer Relations

                    3 Infinite Loop, MS:303-2TE, Cupertino, CA 95014

                    408-974-0050 (office) 408-425-3351 (mobile)




                    On Apr 15, 2005, at 9:48 AM, Bergman, Ron wrote:


                    I remembered this morning why we decided, several months
    back, to remove this object.
                    Since the MIB contained both a desciptive name and a
    description, it was agreed that
                    the two objects were redundant. To clarify this
    situation I recommend that the object
                    ppmPortName be changed to ppmPortDescriptiveName or
    ppmPortDescription, rather
                    than go back to the original redundant pair.

                    ppPortName is a natural language string with up to 127
    characters. For Paul Danbold's
                    example I could provide a name such as:

                            "Networked LPR port providing binary PostScript
    printing for use by marketing"

                    This is less than 80 characters and should be more than
    sufficient to satisfy Paul's

                    Also, in addition to a possible name change, it must be
    noted that this object is
                    expected to be administratively configured using an
    out-of-band method.

                    Paul, please indicate if this is sufficient.

                            Ron Bergman
                            Ricoh Printing Systems America




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