PMP Mail Archive: Lost your ID code to sign up

PMP Mail Archive: Lost your ID code to sign up

Lost your ID code to sign up

From: Accounts (
Date: Sat May 14 2005 - 01:27:30 EDT

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    You may or may not have heard of me however I've been marketing on
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    During this time on the Internet I joined many companies and generated
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    the end all I had to do to "earn" was send a few emails to my targeted
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    Consider me as one of those illusive "top_earners" that you hear about
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    one of the successful mystery marketers that many of the biggest
    companies enrol into their own top tier to rapidly populate other tiers
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    aggressive email marketing campaigns to fill lower tiers for some of the
    largest businesses that you may be involved with right now too.

    I have been involved at the top of many of the largest m'l'm, network
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    You no longer have to market, pay to advertise, submit, opt-in, promote
    or learn "how to do" anything ever again. This will definitely
    the way you work and make you succeed.

    I am not going to give this extremely valuable chance to everyone who
    responds to my email. I have only enough resources to provide 500
    people and will only honour that number of orders.

    This is the easiest and fastest way to develop a cash rich down line
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    I can even arrange to send the promo emails for you.

    This is no joke, reply to my email and I will send you more information
    plus my telephone number so you can call me direct.

    Please send an email to:
    with "jklm" in the subject line and I will send you additional details to
    include great prices and a list of incredible data that I have plus my
    contact telephone number to call me on.

    If you get a problem emailing me or a bounceback please call
    00.44- or from the USA use 00.144 instead.

    If you think I have breached your privacy and you would like to request
    me to cancel any other newsletter or correspondence to you, please
    send me an email to:
    and it will cease from 48 hours. Put "cancel" in the subject line.

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