PMP Mail Archive: PMP> finisher mib integration into up3i

PMP Mail Archive: PMP> finisher mib integration into up3i

PMP> finisher mib integration into up3i

From: Hirn, Andreas (
Date: Tue Jun 07 2005 - 04:43:32 EDT

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    Hi Harry and Ira,

    here another question concerning finisher mib integration into up3i.

    Last time we decided, that finishing devices have to act as stand alone
    devices. This means that they have to implement the printer mib additionally
    to the finishing mib.

    The problem now is: The printer mib has mandatory tables which are not
    present in some finishing devices. What should we do with these tables.

    In the moment we think that the tables prtGeneralGroup,
    prtMediaPathGroup,prtConsoleGroup, prtAlertTableGroup have to be present in
    every finishing device.

    But not all finishers have the tables prtInputGroup, prtOutputGroup,
    prtMarkerGroup, prtChannelGroup, prtInterpreterGroup.

    We have some ideas what to do with these printer mib tables, which are not
    present in the finishing devices, but they all have some disadvantages:

    1.) The tables can be leaved out.
        Disadvantage: Maybe not complient to the mib rules.
    2.) A kind of dummy implementation could be provided.
        Disadvantage: Its not clear which values have to be used as dummies.

    What do you think about the problem. Is there a good solution?

    Best regards,
    Andreas Hirn


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