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PMP Mail Archive: RE: PMP> PortMon Mib question

RE: PMP> PortMon Mib question

Date: Tue Jun 28 2005 - 11:32:51 EDT

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    A 1284 ID length of 1023 octets would probably encompass the vast majority
    of strings in use today, and
    we(Lexmark) probably could live with 255 if that's what is decided,
    however we (PWG) would still need to explain the
    truncation rules regardless of the length we decide (simple truncation at
    the final byte, or truncation at the last full key/value
    pair before reaching the limit etc....).


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    Hi Jerry,

    The IETF SMIv2 and the IETF's best practices recommend that MIB string
    objects longer
    than 255 octets be avoided for interoperability reasons. There are some
    instances in
    some modern IETF MIBs of strings with max lengths of 1023 octets (and
    statements allowing a short length such as 255 octets).

    We could certainly make the IEEE Device ID string longer. Should we do

    - Ira

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    Question/Issue from one of our dev's

    For the variable ppmPortIEEE1284DeviceID, the MIB states:

    The value of this object MUST exactly match the IEEE 1284-2000
    Device ID string, except that the length field MUST NOT be
    specified. The value MUST be assigned by the Printer vendor
    and MUST NOT be localized by the Print Service.

    The definitition indicates that the size is 0-255. However, the actual
    device ID can be much longer.

    I think the length field of the 1284 string is two bytes (and the length
    includes the two bytes of length field).???

    Jerry Thrasher

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