PMP Mail Archive: Want mark.eting advice zero fees?

PMP Mail Archive: Want mark.eting advice zero fees?

Want mark.eting advice zero fees?

Date: Tue Jul 05 2005 - 12:02:49 EDT

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    If you have a bus.opp or
    m..l..m/net workmktg. company I can
    help you generate over 20 paid/sign
    _ups and show you how to get 20
    every week 52 weeks a year.

    Would you like over 20 paid/sign_ups
    each week just like 100's of other
    people are getting?

    Let me mentor you for "no charge".


    I will show you how to get paid/for
    sign/ups eas.ily and without spending
    a dime/penny on normal mark.eting.

    I would like to men/tor you personally
    to make a brand and name for myself.

    I will men/tor you on a "121" basis
    and provide you with contact details
    of "pre-qualified" people who may
    want to join_your_business.

    I can boost your bus/iness's-profit
    by up to 500% more than it currently
    makes and that's a 100% guarantee.

    I can help you.

    I will mentor you.

    There is no restriction to the type of
    business you want me to help you build.

    To find out if I can mentor you please send
    me an email to: with "mentor_me" in the
    subject and your business name, URL and own
    name in the message body.

    I reserve the right to refuse my service to
    anyone without breaching my code of conduct
    or advertising standards. In such instances
    I am not obliged to give a reason for
    refusal of my mentoring service.

    If I have upset you in any way by sending
    you this email please forgive me and send
    an email to: with the
    word "off" in the subject and I will
    never bother you again.

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