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FW: PMP> MFP Alerts Questions

From: Bergman, Ron (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2006 - 13:51:53 EDT

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    To: Bergman, Ron
    Subject: RE: PMP> MFP Alerts Questions

    Hi Ron,


    Will you send your response to the PMP list, so others may see your answers?


    I am thinking it is really weird to have the scanner covers, input, and media path defined in the print mib and other components defined in the MFP mib...


    I suppose the description field could be used as a quick and dirty alternative to implementing the MFP mib. I would be interested in what Ira has to say.







    From: Bergman, Ron []
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    To: Stuart Rowley
    Subject: RE: PMP> MFP Alerts Questions


    Hi Stuart,


    1) I do recall discussing this in the conference, but left it out of my notes. Media path should not be a Scan Group. I will remove in the next revision.


    2) That is correct. So the covers table (or group) includes the Printer, Sacn Device, and Fax Device. Same for the other common groups.


    3) Ira has said that this would be covered by the description field in the alert table. I disagree and believe a MIB is necessary to properly define. Do you agree?


    Hope this helps.




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    From: Stuart Rowley []
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    To: Bergman, Ron;
    Subject: RE: PMP> MFP Alerts Questions

    Hi Ron,


    I have a few questions about the MFP Alerts draft.


    1. If there are no groups for scanDeviceCover or scanDeviceInput, why is there a group for scanDeviceMediaPath?


    2. If, for example, the scanner document feeder cover was open, then the prtAlertTable entry would include prtAlertGroup = 6 (Cover), but then the prtAlertGroupIndex should point to a cover in the prtCover table. So now I have scan device covers implemented in the printer MIB, but other scan device subunits in the MFP MIB?


    3. In the examples in section 10.1.3 for the scanDeviceScanner group there is Lamp Missing, subunitMissing(9) / subunitRemoved(26). What if I have multiple subunits that could be missing? There is no way to tell without using prtAlertGroupIndex to point to a table entry in the MFP MIB?






    Stuart Rowley

    Kyocera Technology Development



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    Subject: PMP> MFP Alerts Teleconference Scheduled for June 8


    The next teleconference for MFP Alerts is scheduled for June 8, 2006 at 11:00 AM EDT (8:00 AM PDT).

         1. Review previous meeting minutes
         2. Continue review of the draft Alert Groups document
         3. Start review of the Imaging System MIB

    The latest version of the Alert Groups document is at:


    Meeting access:
        Passcode: 2635888#

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