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PMP> Indexing option for prtAlertGroupIndex to identify function

From: Stuart Rowley (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2006 - 15:00:18 EST

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    I took a stab at new text for section 7 Recommended Indexing Method.


    Ira suggested that it should not be normative and should therefore be in
    an appendix. I wasn't sure how to handle whether the ranges are
    recommended or just an example. If there is no explicit agreement on the
    ranges, then a management app has no idea of the special meaning of the
    index. Therefore, "recommended" seems appropriate to me. I expanded the
    ranges because Ira said that some device implementations may bump into
    the previous range limits.


    Appendix (x) - prtAlertGroupIndex Indexing Option

    The various MFD functions share some common alert groups, such as
    prtMediaPath, prtInput, prtOutput, prtChannel, prtConsole, prtCover,
    etc., For alerts in these common alert groups, there may be no
    information which indicates the MFD function affected by the alert. The
    recommended method to allow a management application to associate an
    alert with a specific device function is to assign index ranges to each
    device function. The following prtAlertGroupIndex index ranges are
    recommended; index values from 1 to 255 (0x0001 to 0x00FF) may be
    assigned to the print function, index values from 256 to 511 (0x0100 to
    0x01FF) may be assigned to the scan function, and index values from 512
    to 767 (0x0200 to 0x02FF) may be assigned to the fax function. Note that
    this method does not indicate when a common group alert affects multiple
    device functions. For example, an open cover may affect the print, fax,
    and scan functions, but only one prtAlertGroupIndex is used.


    For the alert groups that are specific to one MFD function, such as
    faxDeviceGeneral or scanDeviceScanner, prtAlertGroupIndex indices may be
    assigned normally, i.e starting at index 1.


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