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RE: PMP> New MFP Alert Groups Specification Available

From: Stuart Rowley (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2006 - 15:26:42 EST

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    Thanks for posting the changes so quickly.


    I am still a little concerned that the case of a subunit used by
    multiple functions is not clear. We discussed the subunits that use the
    print function and the fax function as being in the print function index
    range, but what about the example of a cover open which means the scan
    function is out and the (outbound) fax function is out, but the print
    function is unaffected? What range would an implementation use in this


    Maybe we need 4 ranges:

    1: affects print function alone or in combination with other functions
    (does not break current implementations)

    2: affects scan function exclusively

    3: affects fax function exclusively

    4: affects scan and fax function






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    Subject: PMP> New MFP Alert Groups Specification Available


    The latest MFP Alerts Specification is now available at:



    This document contains the changes discussed in last Wednesday's



        Ron Bergman

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