PMP Mail Archive: PMP> PMP minutes - MFP Alerts Meeting July 9, 2007

PMP> PMP minutes - MFP Alerts Meeting July 9, 2007

Date: Wed Jul 11 2007 - 17:04:12 EDT

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    Here are the minutes of the meeting from Harry Lewis.
    (I made some editorial changes)

    Thank You Harry!

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    Ron ? presented New Simple MFD Service MIB and a comparison with the
    equivalent function in the Imaging System State and Counters MIB.
    But do we need it or should we just implement the Counters MIB?
    No strong opinion was expressed, but some favor was shown for getting
    access to the counters. So maybe we should encourage implementation of the
    Counters MIB by not doing the simple MFD Service MIB. There are only 10
    additional objects required when using only the Counters MIB MFD Service
    MIB function (i.e. icMIBStateCompliance) vs the New Simple MFD Service MIB.

    Lexmark still expects to prototype MFD Alerts, but no real time status is
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