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Re: PMP> prtChannelType for WS-Print

From: Ira McDonald (
Date: Wed Oct 31 2007 - 12:13:51 EDT

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    Hi Pete,

    Answer - quoting from page 25 of Printer MIB v2 (RFC 3805):
    2.4.1. Registering Additional Enumerated Values

       The Printer MIB and the companion IANA Printer MIB each defines one
       category of textual convention, according to the process employed to
       control the addition of new enumerations:

       Type 1 - All of the legal values are defined in the Printer MIB.
       Additional enumerated values require the publication of a new Printer

    > Type 2 - All of the legal values are registered in the IANA Printer
    > MIB. Additional enumerated values require a Designated Expert Review
    > defined in "Guidelines for Writing an IANA Considerations Section in
    > RFCs" [RFC2434]. The Designated Expert will be selected by the IETF
    > Area Director(s) of the Applications Area.

    PrtChannelTypeTC is a Type 2 enumeration in the IANA Printer MIB.
    So, the new multi-line value (with keywords and definitions for any
    prtChannelInfo content) should be written up as an addition to this
    textual convention.

    The new value and an accompanying rationale should be posted to the
    mailing list '' for public review. After at least two weeks
    of public review, the PMP Chair (Ron Bergman) should declare working
    group concensus and request that the IETF Designated Expert (Harry
    Lewis) send the update request to IANA for registration.

    Then we hope that IANA gets to the request quickly (probably at least
    a few weeks).

    Pretty simple.

    - Ira (co-editor of Printer MIB v2)

    On 10/30/07, Zehler, Peter <> wrote:
    > All,
    > I would like to see chWsPrint(46) registered for the WS-Print print channel.
    > What would have to be done to accomplish this? I would also like to see
    > the prtChannelProtocolVersion be defined to hold the target namespace for
    > the protocol.
    > Pete
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