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Tom Hastings (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 16:33:38 PDT

At 13:35 04/15/1998 PDT, wrote:
>I can't even imagine this being in scope for a server to device protocol.


I'm not sure what you mean by "this".

Do you mean that you can't imagine that a device understands start sheets
and end sheets? That a server formats any start and end sheets, if the
user or administrator wants or requires them?

We happen to have a low end device that supports LPD that does banner
sheets. Do any other vendors have the same?

This seems like a good requirements issue for SDP:

Should SDP provide for optional support of start/end/banner sheets in
the device?

If we don't, then the finishing specification gets more complex,
since the user may or may not want the start/end/banner sheets stapled
with the document(s). So finishing has to be specified per document.

>cc: (bcc: Don Wright)
>bcc: Don Wright
>Subject: SDP> SDP and start sheets - TIPSI/IPP questions/requirements
>ISSUE: For SDP, how are start and end sheets supported?
>There seem to be two alternatives:
>1. The server generates the start sheet and end sheets contents using
>one of the PDLs in the device.
>2. The device generates the start sheet and end sheets as requested by
>the server (which has the option of asking for start, start and end,
>and none). The server has to furnish the data to the device to put
>on the start and end sheet.
>3. Both the server and the device have the capability, and the
>customer adminstrator setup up each to use either:
> (1) the server's start/end sheet capability in which case the device's
> start/end sheet capability isn't used (because the server says it doesn't
> want start/end sheets to the device.
> (2) the device's start/end sheet capability in which case the server
> passes the data on to the device in the protocol.
>perhaps depending on the device (some devices having acceptable start/end
>sheet capabilities and other devices not being acceptable to the
>Approach 1 seems the simplest and generates uniform start/end sheets
>across all printers from all vendors.
>However, approach 1 requires that the device implement multiple-documents
>in one job in IPP parlance (multiple jobs in one session in TIP/SI
>parlance. Each document in an IPP job (jobs in a TIPSI session) must be
>able to be in a specific PDL, since the server has to generate the
>sheet in one of the PDLs supported by the printer, which need not be the
>that the end-user document is in.
>Also approach 1 requires that the finishing must be able to be specified
>for combinations of documents in a job (jobs in a session) independently,
>so that the start and end sheets can be included or not included in the
>stapling, for example.
>Thus I think that a requirement for a device implementing a Server
>to Device Protocol (TIPSI or IPP) is that it must support multiple
>documents in an IPP job (multiple jobs in a single session in TIPSI
>This is a differennce from the Model conformance requirements, but
>Create-Job and Send-Document are well-defined operations in the Model