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Harry Lewis (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 10:04:36 -0400

Scott, I agree with your interpretation 100% and believe this is the on=
ly valid
interpretation. Otherwise, I think the overall charter would have been =
way too
limiting - even if this is where we ended up for v1. I put the emphasis=
to show how I think some must be reading the charter and the conclusion=
s they
must have made.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems on 04/15/98 08:15:10 PM
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When I read:

>>> Harry Lewis <> 04/15/98 04:24PM >>>
>The Internet Print Protocol is a CLIENT-SERVER type protocol which
>should allow the server side to be either a separate print server or
>a printer with embedded networking capabilities.

I assume CLIENT/SERVER in the distributed systems architecture sense
NOT in the literal CLIENT =3D PC and SERVER =3D file server/printer ser=
ver hardware
box sense. I see client/server meaning request/response rather than di=
remote methods, IIOP, RMI stuff.

In other workds, I am not confused into thinking end-user to file serve=
r only
(not server
to device) when I see the term "client/server"

Good reading of the charter thought, very helpful.