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Carl-Uno Manros (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 14:09:40 PDT


There has been several voices raised over the last few days, stating that
moving this discussion to a separate DL means that SDP will not be IPP+.

I don't understand these statements, after all we are the same group of
people, we have only moved the discussion to a separate list.

Independent of on which DL we discuss this, I expect the outcome of the
discussions to be the same.

As for different readings of the IETF Charter for IPP, I might need to
apologize for it being unclear as I drafted most of the text in the
charter. Back in December it seemed to me that everybody were agreed that
we had done most of what people expected to be in IPP V1.0, with the
exception of the notifications which we are now working on getting added.

If the SDP discussions should conclude that extending IPP is the answer to
the functions left out of IPP V1.0, we can always suggest an IPP extensions
WG to be formed with a refreshed charter. By finishing off the IPP V1.0, we
have put a first stake in the ground based on what we had agreements on so
far. It neither limits us, or commits us, what to do as the next step.

The future is an open road, we decide together which direction we want to


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