SDP Mail Archive: SDP> IPP> MOD & PRO - IPP Event Notification, V0.05, posted

SDP> IPP> MOD & PRO - IPP Event Notification, V0.05, posted

Tom Hastings (
Wed, 13 May 1998 15:58:00 PDT

We have chosen to attempt to satify the event notification requirements
of a server that uses IPP as an SDP to talk to its devices. So I should
have sent this reference to the SDP DL as well.


>X-Sender: hastings@garfield
>Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 14:23:45 PDT
>From: Tom Hastings <>
>Subject: IPP> MOD & PRO - IPP Event Notification, V0.05, posted
>Scott, Harry, and I have finished our action item to incorporate the
>agreements from the Portland meeting into the IPP notification proposal.
>Its version 0.05.
>Thanks go to Ron Bergman and Devon Taylor (of Novell) for additional
>I'm posting it for discussion at the upcoming IPP meeting,
>in Washington, 5/20 - 5/21:
>Use the last one for making comments as it has line numbers.
>Please take the time to read the entire specification. We've seen it
>enough by now. Its grown to 50 pages, with the spec for the 'collection'
>attribute syntax included as an appendix as we agreed on the telecon.
>Is it ready to be made a first Internet-Draft?
>Please send any comments before the meeting (and bring your copy to the
>It also has the PWG Job Monitoring MIB (JMP) Notification Content (and 6 IPP
>Job object Description IPP attributes for event monitoring of job
>progress to align with the Job MIB).
>Here is the abstract and the summary from the paper:
> Event notifications for the IPP print protocol [and JMP]
> Version 0.05
>The appendix has the full specification for the 'collection' attribute
>syntax, as agreed on our 5/6/98 telecon.
>[Items in square brackets relate to the PWG Standard Job Monitoring MIB
>[jmp-mib] trapping and will be removed when this document is made into an
>IPP Internet-Draft.]
> Status of this Memo
>This document is a PWG Working Draft. It is intended to become a first
>Internet-Draft when there is rough consensus that it is ready and then to
>proceed on the IETF standards track to be used with IPP/1.0. It is being
>developed under the charter for IPP/1.0 and meets the requirements in [req].
> Abstract
>In IPP/1.0, the user can determine what is happening to submitted jobs by
>using the Get--Attributes and Get-Jobs operations to poll for results.
>This document describes an OPTIONAL extension to the IPP/1.0 Model document
>for subscribing for event notifications using IPP, but which are delivered
>over some other protocol, either by the IPP Printer object or by any
>notification service that the IPP Printer object implementation may employ.
> See [req] for the notification requirements.
>Two methods are provided for subscription for notification events: (1) as
>part of the job submission and (2) as a separate
>Subscribe-For-Event-Notifications operation. Both methods allow the
>requester to specify (1) about which event(s) to be notified, (2) which
>notification-recipient(s) are to receive the notification, (3) what content
>type is to be sent in the notification, and (4) which notification
>transport method is to be used. Both methods allow the requester to
>subscribe for job event groups, such as 'job-completion', and/or printer
>events, such as 'printer-errors'.
>The event notification subscription mechanism uses a new attribute syntax
>called a 'collection'. A 'collection' value is a set of attributes. See
>the Appendix of this document for the complete specification of the
>'collection' attribute syntax.
>1.1 Summary of the proposal for IPP Event Notification
>This paper proposes the following:
>1. One OPTIONAL "job-notify" Operation attribute for use with the
>Print-Job, Print-URI, and Create-Job operation. The "job-notify" Operation
>attribute has an attribute syntax of '1setOf collection' (see Appendix) so
>that the client can request different events for different notification
>recipients for the same job. Each collection value SHALL contain the
>"notify-recipients" and MAY contain any of the following remaining member
>attributes with the indicated syntax and support by the IPP object if it
>supports the "job-notify" Operation attribute at all:
>Member attribute
>name syntax in request support
>------------------- ---- ---------- ------
>"notify-event-groups" 1setOf type2 keyword MAY mandatory
>"notify-recipients" 1setOf uri SHALL
>"notify-content-type" mimeMediaType MAY
>"notify-charset" charset MAY
>"notify-natural-language" naturalLanguage MAY optional
>"notify-additional-attributes" 1setOf keyword MAY optional
>2. Two new OPTIONAL Subscribe-For-Event-Notifications and
>Unsubscribe-For-Event-Notifications operations on the Printer object.
>These operations are intended for operator/administrators and servers for
>long term subscription for Printer object events that are independent of
>job submission. The servers may be involved with (1) job submission to IPP
>Printer objects and/or (2) collecting accounting data using the event
>notification mechanism.
>An IPP Printer SHALL support both of these operations, if it supports
>either one. If an IPP Printer supports these operations, it SHALL also
>support the "job-notify" attribute in the create operations.
>3. One "job-notify" Job object Description attribute which is populated
>with the collection value(s) supplied by the "job-notify" Operation
>attribute in a create operation.
>4. Six Job object Description attributes for monitoring job progress at the
>sheet completed and collated document copy level to align with the PWG Job
>Monitoring MIB.
>5. One new "printer-notify" Printer object Description attribute which is
>populated with the collection value supplied by the "printer-notify"
>Operation attribute in the Subscribe-For-Event-Notifications operation.
>Both attribute use the same collection as the "job-notify" Operation
>attribute. The "printer-notify" Printer Description attribute also has an
>additional "notify-subscription-id" member attribute which is an integer id
>for the subscription for use with the Unsubscribe-For-Event-Notification
>6. Six "xxx-supported" Printer object Description attributes that
>correspond to the six member attributes in the collection values of the
>"job-notify" and "printer-notify" Operation attributes.
>Tom Hastings