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Jay Martin (
Fri, 15 May 1998 15:19:50 -0400


Thanks for taking the time to do the "right" thing
and push for a formal, documented charter for the
SDP project. Kudos for your initiative.

I'm not sure what to think about the complete lack of
comments from the DL on this new document. (In hind-
sight, I should have asked for a line-numbered version
to make commenting a lot easier.)

Rather than attempt to address specific statements
in the charter proposal (due to lack of line numbers
and section numbers), I just want to say that I have
quite a few concerns about the tone and accuracy of
the text:

- Way too much emphasis on the "low end" of the
printer market. Yes, we've touched on this
nasty little Pandora tidbit lately, and it doesn't
look as though we're done with it... :-(

- I'm not sure if I like the general statement of
belief that IPP represents the sum total and
Bible-like view of printers and printing from a
model viewpoint.

Perhaps we can discuss this further in Washington DC
next week, but until then, I don't think we should
accept this charter as it stands.

It sure would be nice to hear from others on this.


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Harry Lewis wrote:
> I had a to-do to draft a charter for SDP. I have just posted a proposed charter
> at
> This charter will, hopefully, provide a vehicle for discussion in Virginia,
> next week, regarding the scope and direction of SDP. Comments on the DL, prior
> to Virginia, are definitely welcome.
> Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems