Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Updated information for the

Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Updated information for the

SM> Updated information for the Semantic Model

From: Zehler, Peter (
Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 09:02:49 EDT

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    Below is the information that will be appearing on the Semantic Model page
    at I wanted to get this out to you all. One major change is that
    I renamed the document directory for the semantic model. I changed the '_'
    to a '-' so it shows when the URL is underlined. The URLs are intended to
    be durable. I keep the previous version in the
    "" directory. I have
    uploaded my latest version of the schema. It is not complete but it does
    reflect most of the changes from the last PWG meeting. I am almost finished
    with the Semantic Model document and should have that posted and an
    announcement sent out later today or Monday.

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       Chairperson: Peter Zehler Xerox Corp
       August 26, 2002:
          Semantic Elements Master List:
             Printer State:
             Printer Description:
             Processing Supported:
             Processing Default:
             Processing Ready:
             Job State:
             Job Description:
             Job Processing:
             Document Processing:
             Document State:
             Document Description:
             Document Processing:
          Document Processing:
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