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Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> RE: IPP> Killing off dra

SM> RE: IPP> Killing off draft-ietf-ipp-ops-set2 ?

From: Zehler, Peter (
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 07:45:24 EDT

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    It is not only the PWG5105.1-2004 (PWG Semantic Model) that references
    draft-ietf-ipp-ops-set2. PWG5100.5-2003 (IPP Document Object) also contains
    normative references. PSI relies indirectly through these two approved
    specifications on draft-ietf-ipp-ops-set2.

    We completed and approved draft-ietf-ipp-ops-set2 back in 2001. The work to
    finally get it through the IETF is minimal. While we have the IETF's
    attention lets finish this work off.


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    Hi all,

    Well things seem to be changing by the day on this subject.

    It is now clear that at least the Xerox folks would like to see the document
    finalized and the main IPP editor Tom Hastings has now stated to me and the
    Area Director that he is prepared to have the revised version ready for Area
    Director approval by the deadline on July 19. (I think Tom volonteered in
    order not to have his draft scr**ed up by an editing amateur like myself).

    I just want to remind you all that formally the IPP WG agreed on this
    document some eons ago, and we can now get it approved quickly by just
    responding to the security comments that our previous Area Director gave
    back on the current draft. Following the strict rules of the IETF, the draft
    is really in the hands of the Area Director at this stage and doesn't
    necessarily need further approval from the IPP WG, but I am still prepared
    to hear further comments from you all.

    I am now leaning towards getting the document published, but would hope to
    see some other people support that before the last word is said and done.

    Does Peter's comment about the relationship between this document and the
    PWG Semantic Model, which is referenced by several other (non-IETF)
    standards, carry enough weigth to go ahead with the publishing?

    In summary, we have now made the commitment that the document CAN be edited
    and sent back to the Area Director within the given cut-off date, the only
    remaining question is whether we actually WANT to have it published.


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