UPD Mail Archive: UPD> Re: Invitation to discuss the "Universal Print Driver" concept

UPD> Re: Invitation to discuss the "Universal Print Driver" concept

Tom Hastings (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Tue, 6 May 1997 12:27:28 PDT


I will be attending. Thanks for setting this up. Xerox is very interested
and I need to get some more idea about the scope in order to get the
proper participation from the rest of the company in UPD.

Meanwhile, I'll bring back a report about UPD to the company from the dinner.


At 10:58 05/03/97 PDT, JK Martin wrote:
>I have been requested by some members of the Printer Working Group (PWG)
>to specifically invite key companies to the upcoming dinner discussion
>on the concept of a "Universal Print Driver" (UPD):
> Thursday evening, May 15
> Marriott Suites
> Symphony Towers
> 701 A Street
> San Diego, California
> (619) 696-9800
>You have been selected for distribution of this message either due to
>your subscription to one or more relevant PWG mailing lists, or by
>previous contact with a PWG participant.
>Concerns have been raised regarding the viability of a standard Universal
>Print Driver without the support of key companies having critical
>involvement with printing facilities in general computing environments.
>Such companies may be characterized as being prominent players in one
>or more of the following areas:
> - Operating systems and platforms
> - Page description languages and interpreters
> - Printer drivers
> - Printing system software
>The participation of these companies is particularly encouraged:
> Adobe
> Dazel
> Digital
> Hewlett-Packard
> Microsoft
> Novell
> Sun Microsystems
> Xerox
>Printer manufacturers are, of course, equally important in this discussion;
>representatives of the printer industry have already been made aware of
>this new topic of discussion by virtue of their participation in the PWG.
>Strong support has been demonstrated within the printer industry to
>investigate the potential for a Universal Print Driver.
>Currently the relationship of a Universal Print Driver with the emerging
>Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) standards is not clear; however, most PWG
>participants expect a strong binding between these two technical areas.
>(In fact, the Universal Print Driver concept was the result of one of the
>recent IPP Model teleconferences.)
>You and your company are strongly encouraged to attend this preliminary
>discussion meeting on May 15. This meeting is designed to be an ad hoc
>discussion of interested parties; no decision has been made whether to
>formally create a PWG project to commence a standardization effort for the
>Universal Print Driver.
>If you or your company believe a Universal Print Driver standardization
>effort would be useless or counter-productive in any way, then by all means
>please send a representative to this meeting and state your views.
>An electronic mailing list has been setup within the PWG to conduct open
>discussions of the Universal Print Driver; instructions for joining this
>list are attached.
>If your company can not send a representative to the meeting, then feel
>free to either post your comments to this new list (mailto:upd@pwg.org),
>or send me email and I'll be happy to post it to the list on your behalf.
>The PWG looks forward to your company's participation in this discussion.
>Feel free to contact me for additional information. A complete "package"
>of recent email messages on this topic can be sent to you directly, if
>necessary, to quickly bring you up to speed on this new technical topic.
> Jay Martin
> PWG Secretary
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>>From pwg-owner@pwg.org Tue Apr 29 13:46 EDT 1997
>Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 13:41:22 -0400 (EDT)
>From: JK Martin <jkm@underscore.com>
>To: pwg@pwg.org
>Subject: PWG> New PWG mailing list: upd@pwg.org (Universal Print Driver)
>A new PWG email discussion list has been created for the purpose of
>discussing the concepts and potential for "Universal Print Driver"
>Note that the formation of this list does not imply that the PWG
>has decided to commence a standards development effort in this
>technology area. Rather, the new "upd" mailing list currently
>serves as a vehicle for the exchange of ideas among all interested
>parties. (Should a standards effort result from the discussions
>on this list, then it is likely that the list will also serve as
>the official distribution list for the standards effort.)
>Interacting with the "upd" mailing list is the same as for all
>other PWG mailing lists. To subscribe to this new mailing list,
>send a message to:
> majordomo@pwg.org
>The body of the message should contain the following line:
> subscribe upd
>The originating email address is then subscribed to the list.
>If for some reason an email address other than the originating
>address is to be used as the subscribing address, then add the
>target address to the end of the above line.
>For example, if you have an internal distribution list called
>"upd-dist", then you would subscribe that address to this mailing list
>by using this line as the message body:
> subscribe upd upd-dist@foo.com
>Note that when dealing with majordomo, the "Subject:" line is
>always ignored (ie, it can be blank).
>Once your subscription request is received, you will receive
>a message describing the mailing list, as well as instructions
>on how to remove yourself from the list at a later date.
>Let the discussions begin...
> ...jay
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