UPD Mail Archive: UPD> Minutes of May Meeting (San Diego)

UPD> Minutes of May Meeting (San Diego)

Ron Bergman (rbergma@dpc.com)
Tue, 20 May 1997 17:40:33 -0700 (PDT)

I have posted the minutes of the UPD meeting at

ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/upd/upd-9705.txt (pdf, doc)

The text version is also attached.

Ron Bergman
Dataproducts Corp

Universal Print Driver (UPD) Meeting:
May 15, 1997

Scott Isaacson
Tom Hastings
Harry Lewis
Jeff Copeland
Robert Kline
Lee Farrel
Bob Herroit
Bill Wagner
Bob Pentecost
Sylvan Butler
Mike Mathews
Jay Martin
David Kellerman
Keith Carter
Don Wright
Steven Holmstead
Ron Bergman

This activity resulted from an IPP teleconference discussion. The
purpose of the meeting is to see if there is any interest in starting
a PWG project to develop a Universal Print Driver.

HP Presentation (Steve Holmstead):
HP believes that the 'Information utility' is the next
technology step after 'Client/Server'. Previous steps were
'Main frame' -> 'Mini-Computer' -> 'PC' -> 'Client/Server'

The 'Information Utility' will require a 'device independent'
mechanism for any-to-any device interaction. HP has defined a
"Connection Independent" session layer protocol for this
Protocol is peer-to-peer and device independent.
Data formats include the ability to exchange capabilities between

Questions from Jay Martin's meeting announcement:
What is a Universal Printer Driver?
Why important? (problems)
What are the goals?
How would we model it?
What is the relationship to IPP?
Acceptance issues?
Issues surrounding the environment?
Backward compatibility issues?
Standardization issues?

The evolution of drivers from Microsoft is more towards a product with
more universal functionality.

Presently product features are communicated to the driver via a PPD file.

A Universal Printer Driver must be able to be self configuring for
multiple products.

Should a UPD use only one PDL or support multiple PDLs or ignore?

Harry Lewis proposed that the UPD be limited to those
parameters that can be used by PWG standards. (i.e. IPP for
job submission and the Printer MIB to obtain additional
information regarding the printer.)

The Printer MIB only describes the current state of the
printer, not its potential capabilities.

Drivers are one item that printer vendors can use to
differentiate their products.

Two views:
The logical printer informs the driver of what it will do.
The user tells the driver how it wants the output presented.

Five key features applicable to the discussion of a UPD:
1. User interface - The UI should display only those features
present in the printer.
2. Interactions - Features that cannot be used together should not
be allowed to both be selected.
3. Control code -
4. Extensions -
5. Localization -

Content X 1/4 7/8
User Interface 1/2 1/8 -
Interactions X 1/16 -
Control Codes X X -
Extensions ? ? ?
Localization 1/2 X X

1. Keep the mailing list open.
2. No PWG project is recommended at this time.
3. The activity might best be directed towards the definition
of a more universal PPD file.