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UPD> subgroup proposals

NSchade (nschade@xionics.com)
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 16:59:14 -0000

Hi all,
I worked on collecting some stuff the last weeks. So I'd like to make a
proposal for subgroups, which is filled with some life already.

There are some basic topics, which are listed below:
1. I distinguish between some levels of work. This affects the rights of
subgroups, too. I do not think that the complete plenum wants to decide on
each and every byte of the format.
The levels are Conceptional work, Architectural work, Structural work,
Functional work.
1.1. Conceptional work
Discussed and decided in the plenum.
Some topics are Unicode for UI and printing, definition of all numeric
values in virtual units and a sophisticated parameter converter used within
command sequences.
1.2. Architectural work
Discussed and decided in the plenum.
Some topics are to think as modular as possible, global filter functionality
including constraints and error messages, global identifyers for ALL
The use of global identifyers is very obvious in paper size handling. There
should be a number of predefined identifyers for all device descriptions
(Letter=1, A4=2, etc.), a reversed area or proprietary definitions used
company wide by printer manufacturers and a reserved area for user defined
defintions. This architecture is useful for all modules.
We will also discuss the overall architecture to be able to define mandatory
modules and a proper way to include proprietary modules in this open
1.3. Structural work
Decided in the plenum. Discussed in the subgroups.
Mandatory modules and predefined values are developed here.
1.4. Functional work
Discussed and decided in the subgroups.
In order to function correctly some assumptions must be made. The details
should be work out in the subgroups with the detailed understanding.

2. Some assumptions have to be made.
2.1. Driver assumptions
Although the driver is out of scope we have to consider how it will work.
Otherwise our description is useless.
Some topics are support of vector graphics, support of overlays/watermarks
and the way the spooler works.
The driver may maintain three sets of features (Device properties,
Application defaults, Job settings).
2.2. Tooling assumptions
For all the boring and time consuming repeating stuff we should think about
tools and their development.
I really would like to see a driver, which allows easy translation. We may
seriously recommend functionality to switch the driver to a translation mode
(perhaps with an additional library) to allow editing in the dialog.
We may think about short cut handling.
2.3. Operating system assumtions
The OS may offer some global strings like for paper sizes in various
languages or pictures like for duplex modes.
We have to clearly find out what we can expect concerning dialog handling.
We have to know how to detect character sets info.
The OS may offer lists for composed characters.
The OS may offer a list of paper sizes concerning dimensions.

3. We have to decide in detail what is Out of scope at least for version 1
of the format.
Some topics may be Workload balance, Application workarounds, Paper preview,
Printer preview, Subdialogs. We may extend the list during development.

Based on that we may define some subgroups. I'd like to see Global
decisions, User interface and Localization, Paper handling, Fonts, Color,
Configuration and Communication.
1. Global decisions
This is a quite big group. We may split it.
Some topics may be the General model description (somehow a tree), Global
flags (like the exact printer language level), Optional units (input,
output, duplex, RAM, ROM font cartriges, Flash ROM, Hard disks and all kinds
of combinations), Positioning, Raster graphics (rendering), Memory,
Overlays/Watermarks, Driver sets (Global sets, Job settings, MasterPages),
Print file structure (Job Start/End, Page Start/End, Download,
2. User interface and Localization
Some topics are AVD (automatic version detection), Human languages,
Icons/Pictures, Defaults (ranking including fallback mechanisms), UI
structure, UI element description (minimum for global, extended for
proprietary), String length limitations (you cannot show a paper size with
50 characters, OS specific), Short cuts, Balloon help.
3. Paper handling
Some topics may be Size, Minimum margins, Orientation (these three build the
minimum set of the seven values), N-up/Booklet, Logical/Physical zooming,
Input, MediaType, Output, Copies including Collation.
4. Color
Including halftoning.
Not yet elaborated.
5. Configuration and Communication
Some topics are Networking, Bidirectional communication, Model timings, PnP
ID, Check sum for high speed bidi.
Not yet elaborated.

As you can easily see I want to come to something we can hold in our hands
as soon as possible and let the spec grow during development.