UPD Mail Archive: UPD> subgroups for UPDF

UPD> subgroups for UPDF

Sandra Matts (sandram@boi.hp.com)
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 13:11:06 -0700

Hi All,
I'm assuming we still want to create subgroups for UPDF Spec definition.
I would like to elicit feedback on how to proceed. The following subgroups are defined:
1. Global
2. Font handling
3. Paper handling
4. Color handling
5. Localization
6. Communication
7. User Interface
8. Callback mechanism
9. Device capabilities
10. PDL

It seems to me first we should all work on the Global and decide what goes into
the Global and also set the rules (ie syntax req., guidelines, and so on) for
the subgroups.
We should spend some time in Miami to hammer this out.

When exactly do the subgroups meet? I prefer Wed and Thur.

Sandra Matts

Sandra Matts
Engineer Scientist
(208) 396-4755