UPD Mail Archive: UPD> FW: XPToolkit spec frozen

UPD Mail Archive: UPD> FW: XPToolkit spec frozen

UPD> FW: XPToolkit spec frozen

Sandra Matts (sandram@boi.hp.com)
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 17:21:51 -0700

Norbert sent me this message and I wanted the reply to
the entire UPDF group.

The XPToolkit is not frozen. They are adding widgets
but very slowly. Here is a link to a list of widgets
supported so far.

They list radio buttons, tab, combo box. Almost
everything we need.

Sandra Matts

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From: Norbert Schade [mailto:nschade@xionics.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 1999 11:23 AM
To: Sandra Matts
Subject: XPToolkit spec frozen

what's your information status about XPToolkit?
Is it frozen concerning the feature set or are they redesigning it every now
and then?
I'm surprised not to find some basics described like edit boxes, combo
boxes, list boxes and radio buttons at least.
If you have a direct contact, could you ask? I'd be very surprised, if
they'd leave it out for the first version, as many homepages already work
with that.
Let's work on a prioritized list of missing widgets:
1. edit boxes, combo boxes, list boxes, radio buttons
2. spin controls, switch groups (can probably be realized by tabs)
3. Preview (page, printer config, etc.)
To be extended.
We may stay with Mozilla's help options for now.